Sugar-Visuals Drink Replacement Tube

Replacement tubes are available for your Sugar-Visuals™ Drink 10 Pack.



Order Sugar-Visuals Drink Replacement Tube for Sugar-Visuals Drink 10 Pack here.


There are times when a tube gets lost or accidentally broken, and you need replacement tubes for your Sugar-Visuals™ Drink 10 Pack.


Please select the tube label you need on your replacement tube.


You can add additional replacement tubes to your cart if you need more than one replacement tube with different labels.


You can also build your own custom teaching sets with all of our replacement tubes.


Need custom nutrient tubes? Contact us.


Additional information

Sugar Drink Types

Chocolate Milk 8 oz, Energy Drink 16 oz, Flavored Tea Drink 20oz, Frozen Fruit Drink 20 oz, Fruit Drink 20 oz, Fruit Smoothie 20 oz, Soft Drink 20 oz, Sports Drink 20 oz, Whole Milk 8 oz

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