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Nutrition teaching test tubes, fat test tubes, sugar test tubes and fiber test tubes show hidden unhealthy fats,  hidden sugars in foods, and fiber in foods as well as healthy alternatives. Lipo-Visuals nutritional test tubes come in 14 different test tube kits. Fat test tubes, Sugar Test tubes, Fiber test tubes can be mixed and matched to show the benefit of fiber, better choices of fats, and sugar from foods presenting food in a “New Way”.  Using Lipo-Visuals nutritional teaching test tubes educate people about the content of the foods they eat without preaching.  Just by seeing how much sugar is in a donut and cola sugar test tube they will know how to make a better choice.  Compare it to a bagel and a bowl of strawberries to a donut and apple juice.  Or a big burger and fries to a chicken sandwich and a baked potato. What an impact showing the difference in fat and sugar in foods makes…Show them the facts about how much fat, sugar and fiber are in foods.  14 different sets of nutritional test tubes are available to choose from, offering a variety of foods. Custom sets of nutritional test tubes can be requested by calling or emailing for more information.

Gay has been using Lipo-Visuals teaching test tubes to thousands of people in her private practice since 1992.  She believes that people really do make healthy change in the way they eat when they see the added fats and sugars in the her nutritional test tubes.

Nutritional Test Tube Teaching Kits Come in:

  • Small Nutritional Test Tubes Kits: The smaller test tubes come in Fat test tubes, Sugar test tubes, Fiber test tubes and Alcohol test tubes. Nutritional teaching test tubes are offered in sets of 12 or 36 and come in a sturdy box that doubles as a display rack.  A helpful instructional guide is included with each kit. Every tube is labeled with the food, serving size, calories, fat, sugar, fiber or alcohol contained in the food. Test tubes are made out of a durable shatter proof heavy plastic.
  • Larger Nutritional Test Tube Kits: show larger portions of foods often served.  Favorite Foods, Sugar Drinks, and Dessert Visuals are 10 pack nutritional test tube kits.  They show hidden and unhealthy fats, hidden and added sugars, and also fats and sugars in foods.  They are displayed in large flat bottom test tubes and come in a sturdy colorful flat box that will fit neatly in any briefcase or tote.  Each test tube lists the food, serving, calories and fat, sugar or both. 

Teaching the ingredients in food using Nutritional test tubes are excellent tools for nutrition counseling, cardiac rehab, diabetes education, sports nutrition, prenatal nutrition in the classroom, gym, grocery store, or boardroom by using Sugar, and Fat, Fiber, and Alcohol test tubes your learning audience will understand what is in the foods they are eating.

We make custom nutrition test tubes and sets. Contact us for more information.

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